Does your website need a date?

Now, due to the amazing technology of JavaScript, there no longer have to be any more skunky websites! Put a born-on date on your website and show people when your site was last updated, when it was created, and if it has changed since they last visited! Check out the example below...

Born on: April 4, 1997

Now, you too might want to put this on your website! It contains no slow-loading pictures, just useful information.
There are a few options as far as the way you want to use it. You can put the table version above on your site. If that doesn't work, you should use the Non-Table version below. You can get the non-table version in dark background and light background flavors.

A special note for anyone on GeoCities, Tripod, or any other website provider that allows you to upload with your browser. You must upload the HTML file with this Born-On date script via FTP. If you can't do that, don't bother taking this script because it will say that your page was last updated in 1969.

Born on: July 3, 1997