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Button TitleDescriptionPicture and link
Elect Geoffrey FiegerJack Kevorkian's lawyer wants to run for governor of Michigan.
It's REAPER time!
Bill ClintonDole
Bob Dole
Free Speech Everywhere Blue Mobius CampaignSupport Free Speech Everywhere!mobius GIF
Made in USA GIFTake pride in your site.

RoadKill Hall of Fame
No More White Backgrounds Join the fight against white backgrounds!CAWB
Leave Gary Coleman Alone!
Save Pluto Now!People are thinking of calling Pluto a moon! It's not, it's a planet.Save Pluto Now!
100% Recycled ElectronsIs your site green?

Stop Kitty PornWe can't exploit our cats like this!

Campaign To End RibbonsJoin the fight against ribbon abuse. Or better yet, see this ribbon page for more!War Against Ribbons
Pessimist's Black Ribbon CampaignSpread Your Unhappiness with this campaign!

MTV Button

TV ButtonShow them how you feel...

Llama FriendlyIs your site Llama friendly?

Jesus NowSave your soul from hell.

Free Peach Online Peach Ribbon CampaignYou should be fighting for freedom of fruit
Marketing ButtonOut to make a buck? Admit it!

The Anti-blue M&M; CampaignStand up for tan M&M;'s!
Tan M&M's for us!
Evil Empires - One down, one to go.Evil Empires
Smoke-Free WebsiteCan't smoke on your website? Try this cool, clean button that will go on your website.

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