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Button TitleDescriptionPicture and link
Best Viewed with a Web BrowserShow that your web page is best viewed with a web brwoser as opposed to something else!
This site is best viewed with

A web browser
Netscape PleaseEven on the web, we should learn to watch our mannors. That's why there's the new Netscape Please button. Just link it to Netscape like a normal Netscape Now button.

Microsoff Internet InhalerParody of IE3.
Best experimented with
Microsoff Internet Inhaler
Click here to start!

Microsoff Internet InfernoHell's Official Web Browser!
Microsoff Internet Inferno
Aw Hell

Microsoff Internet ExploiterIE4 Parody
Microsoff Internet Exploiter
Windows NT parody submitted by Phat Matt
Powered By Electricity
Best Viewed with Your EyesShow the world your site is enhanced for eyes
Best Viewed with your eyes
Beanie Babies No!Who cares aout Beanie Babies
Beanie Baby
Legalize It!Are you for the legalization of mother nature?
Come to the Web Jail!After they find your're for legalization of weed, they'll throw you here!

Get ArsenicArsenic - For Major Aches and Pains
Get Arsenic
Balls InsideA spiffy way to link to any ate my balls page.
Aw nuts...
Satan InsideAre you anti-Microsoft/Intel?
Aw hell...
MicroStiff Doors 2000!
MicroStiff Doors 2000
Made With...What is your site made with? Click the notepad to see other choices too.
This site was made with Notepad 1.0!This site was made with Notepad, the right way!
Notepad Now!
Site optimized for
Bandwidth HQ: home of the fat turtle!
get some here.
FakeAudio Link to an .au or .wav file, becuase all audio is FakeAudio except RealAudio!FakeAudio

FakeAudio B&W
RealAroma The web will never smell the same againRealAroma..  mmmmmmm
Shareware Buttons - Is your site created with free software?

Anti-Browser Buttons

There are quite a few of them... they are linked to the anti-browser campaign pages.

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