Button TitleDescriptionPicture and link
Bottom 95% of all Web Sites The original bottom 95% that will linkto your site eventually if you send him mail.
Middle 5% of all Web SitesThis is for if you don't have a very good or very sloppy website
Bottom 5% of all Web Sites This is the original from the rec.humor page.
The Not Original Bottom 95% of the Web.. It's still quite funny though!
Bottom 95% of the Web

This site has been rated
among the bottom 95%
of all Web sites by
Pointless Communications ®

Top 100% of all websites! Tell the truth... I got this button from somewhere (don't know where) and added different effects to it. Now you have more of a choice in the percentile of the web you want tobe in!
Top 0.1% of all websites! Put this one up and show you're top shelf!
Top 0% of all Websites! Show you don't really give a rip!
Cool site of the day... Every Day
Hot site of the day... Every Day
This Website Sucks Wear this with pride, show you suck!
Nose Pick of the Day Tell everyone your site's not snot.The difinative guid to what's cool and what's snot
The Two Bit Award!Is your site average? Join in!
Two Bits... watch out for those rubber chickens
Nominated for some award
Drugs Free School ZoneDo you pay for drugs at your school?........
No Award awardFor people who can't/don't want to get awardsOnly if you don't win awards.
Crap! OnlineParody of the happy finger Snap! online.CRAP! Online
This Site is Banned!Your Site have some naugty words on it? Then paste this GIF on it!Banned!
This Site is Banned in ChinaThey may take over the world someday.Banned in CHINA!
In Denial AwardGot married too fast? Click for sundry awards having to do with romance, marrige, love, etc... Also a site to go along with it.
In Denial

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