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Some Feedback we have gotten...

Dear Internet Blink Exchange:
My website is skunky, what should I do about it?

You should go get a Born-On date for it right now! That out to fix things up a bit.
Dear Internet Blink Exchange:
I really love this service! Since I became a member I've had 0 whole hits to my website! Thanks for being honest and telling me that I wouldn't get any hits off of your service.

Dear Internet Blink Exchange:
You are the greatest! I went into the street corner and told all the people I could about it. Unfortunately, none of them are on the web.

Dear Internet Blink Exchange:
The second I saw this page, I knew that this was the service that would get me more hits. I just joined, and since then I have gotten 2 hits on my website! Unfortunately, they were both by me.

Dear Internet Blink Exchange:
i tHink yoUr siTe is sOo keWl iT jusT reaLLY RoX ?->

Dear Internet Blink Exchange:
You're infringing our trademark! You suck. We're the big bullies we'll get your site taken down! Please read our friendly letters.

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