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Re: Infringement of LinkExchange logo

Dear Sir:

Our company, LinkExchange, is the creator and owner of the LE button logo
that appears on the side of all LinkExchange banners. LinkExchange has
invested heavily in this logo as a brand identifier for our services and
the public has come to recognize the button logo as a symbol of our
company and its services. LinkExchange considers the logo as one of its
most valuable intellectual property. We are committed to protecting this
service mark from misappropriation by others.

We have learned recently that the Internet Blink Exchange
( is using a blue button
logo on the side of all of its banners which is identical in size, shape
and design to our company's button logo. Internet Blink Exchange's
continued use of a logo which is identical to LinkExchange's logo serves
to confuse members of LinkExchange and prospective users of our
advertising network by leading them to believe that the services the
Internet Blink Exchange is offering are provided by LinkExchange, or to
believe that there is a connection between our two companies. Therefore,
we must take action to protect our interests, as well as those of the

LinkExchange views the Internet Blink Exchange's use of its button logo
as a very serious violation of its legal rights. This letter is to
inform you that such use constitutes service mark infringement and unfair
competition, for which LinkExchange could pursue the Internet Blink Exchange.

In light of the above, LinkExchange requests that the Internet Blink
Exchange immediately cease all further unauthorized use of the
LinkExchange button logo. Please confirm in writing that you will
comply with this request so that it will not be necessary for us to turn
this matter over to our attorneys.

LinkExchange welcomes competition, as long as everyone abides by the
law. We would appreciate your cooperation and look forward to receiving
your prompt response.


Kamden A. Hayashi
LinkExchange Legal Department

Dear Community Member,

Our guidelines have been carefully crafted to promote the free flowing exchange of ideas about your interests, activities, and hobbies, and at the same time maintain standards consistent with the Internet community and the societies of the world at large.

We appreciate your support and participation with GeoCities, however, we have received a complaint concerning the use of some material in your site. Please resolve this matter immediately.

Please cc: in all correspondence.

We encourage you to review the guidelines at:
and our copyright FAQ at:

GeoCities Community Response Team

Date sent: Mon, 27 Oct 1997 18:54:01 -0800
Subject: Copyright Infringement

Below is the result of your feedback form. It was submitted by Kamden
Hayashi ( on Monday, October 27, 1997 at 18:54:00

neighborhood: SoHo

address: 2439

subject: Copyright Infringement

violation: I am writing from the LinkExchange(tm) banner advertising network. The following site contains trademarked and copyrighted materials belonging to our company. Specifically, the blue BE button logo near the top of their page and seven of the banners

To see a copy of our trademarked button logo, please go to Please contact us for copies of our original banners.

We look forward to your response.

Kamden Hayashi
LinkExchange Legal Department

So, I moved the site off of GeoCities and made it a little less of a copycat of the LinkExchange. They still will probably come after me though.

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